Sorry, that was my inner dialogue talking.
So far today I’ve washed up, buffed my stainless steel cooker hood to a streaky shine, sparkled the ceramic hob, washed the knobs, and inside the oven…
Start the blog…
Then I’ve baked some bread, decided it would be too fresh for lunch so baked some rolls, boiled some eggs…
Start the blog!
…No, the bathroom needed a bit of a go. Buffed taps, changed towels… aha! Have enough washing for a load now, if I change the bed linen…
‘Just write’ says WordPress. ‘JUST WRITE’. For Pete’s sake, woman, start the BLOODY BLOG!
OK then.

How did it come to this? I used to have to make long lists to get through the day:
1. Answer emails
2. Write lecture
3. Research that new software
4. Teach class till lunch…etc, etc.

Now my list goes:
1. Get up
2. Be
3. Go to bed.
A big improvement! My third age. House paid for, child raised, time, at last, to do all those things I’ve been putting off because I didn’t have enough time.
If only I could remember what they were.


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