Cheap hanging baskets, part 2

Well, things are very much behind, here in the cheap hanging basket department.

Where are the flowers?

Basket with few flowers

Basket with few flowers

They’ve also cost me over £22 so far, in compost and those wretched liners that cost more than £3 each!

My nasturtiums all wiggled themselves off in the howling gales we have here on the coast (which was a double shame because I was looking forward to pickling the seeds, which make an excellent substitute for expensive capers).

I’ve been feeding them with Tomorite, as suggested by our local horticultural experts, yet still have too much green and not enough flower. And here we are, in the third week of July!

It’s not all gloom. This one is looking a bit more promising:

Slightly more interesting basket

Slightly more interesting basket

But I’m really hoping that this pot can come up with something that isn’t orange in the near future!

Pot with lots of orange flowers

Pot with lots of orange flowers


2 responses to “Cheap hanging baskets, part 2

  1. Orange isn’t too bad is it? Looks good to me. Just watching brixham on t’telly. What do people think of Fish Town? I think it’s very complimentary.

    • I haven’t got Sky Atlantic, so can’t watch the programme yet. Neighbours are recording it and we’re going to have a ‘Brixham Evening’ soon! I do wonder what they will find to fill all those programmes! Lots of the interesting little characteristics of the place have gone even in the short time (7 years) we’ve been here. The Lifeboat no longer shoots the ‘maroon’ (two bangs with 15 seconds in between) to let us know they are on a shout; the annual festival is about to die out through lack of funds.
      Looking at the trailer, they are on the bright side. Not entirely sure that the featured landlady DOES wash her hands between cleaning the toilets and serving!

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