Blood soup and canasta

Halloween was fun!

Pumpkin head

Maori-inspired pumpkin head

It was a boozy canasta evening with the neighbours, complete with Halloween accessories of many candles, plastic bats, a pumpkin head and a ghoulish menu:

Starter: Blood soup with bread bones

Main: Sausage and potato tray bake with tomato eyeballs

Dessert: Ensaimada with pumpkin jam

My pumpkin wasn’t staying alight. Not enough air could be drawn through the teeth to supply enough air, so I gouged out some rough bat shapes round the sides and back.

Bats carved in back of pumpkin head

Hubby's idea. Worked really well as back-projection (or perhaps that should be 'bat-projection')

We put it outside in the neighbours’ courtyard, against a white wall. The result was a leering face in front of a projection of bats onto the back wall. The wind blowing the candle made the bats flit to and fro. It was totally unintentional, but a real ‘wow’ (which I’m recording here so I remember to do it again in future!)

Blood soup with bread bones

The soup is beetroot and horseradish, really! White bread rolls modelled into bones, painted with egg wash to make them look dark, shiny and freshly exhumed.


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