Ensai-MAD!-a 3

Moderate success – I managed another revolution:

Ensaimada - the latest attempt

Still a bit chunky.

That’s going to be it now. I’ve made the dough rectangle as long and narrow as my worktop will allow, so, without extending the kitchen, I’m stuck.

This is what I’m aiming at:

A proper, Mallorcan ensaimada

A proper, Mallorcan ensaimada


2 responses to “Ensai-MAD!-a 3

  1. You need to roll the dough out very very thinly, your attempts look a little too generous. You can also divide your dough into several pieces – roll out a long thin rectangle with the first, spread with jam, start rolling up one end only so one end is still flat, move this section to the side. Roll out another rectangle, and join this second one to the first, pressing out the join well so you don’t have a hump in the coil. Start coiling, but leave a flat unrolled uncoiled edge. Spread the second rectangle with jam and continue rolling up – you can use three or four rectangles to get the number of revolutions you want. Divide and conquer.

    May I come over and test eat a slice?

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