I can’t believe this. Just discussing family favourite recipes with

I mentioned that Parkin featured large as a cookery challenge for my mum. I went to the family ‘Mrs Beeton’, and the page fell open where a stiff little envelope had been used as a marker, and guess what?…

Mrs Beeton's parkin

2 responses to “Parkin

    • I made Parkin once. It starts out like a section of hard, dense polystyrene. You store it in a tin and it is supposed to mature over several days into a moist, squishy, oaty ginger cake. Unfortunately, it’s a bit like those punnets of peaches you buy at supermarkets. It goes like this:
      Day 1: polystyrene
      Day 2: polystyrene
      Day 3: polystyrene
      Day 4: mouldy

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