Meet my new friend…

A chemotherapy pump

I’ve been quiet lately because I’ve been coming to terms with the fact that I have to create a whole new category on my blog called ‘Cancer’. This is my new friend – a chemotherapy pump – and I have a date with it every three weeks for the next six months.

I had a skirmish with breast cancer 10 years ago, and had a bilateral mastectomy and my ovaries removed. I didn’t need any further treatment, so went on my merry way, hoping to get old enough to experiment with the heart disease/circulatory issues that made up the other side of my gene bank.

They told me that my treatment had reduced my likelihood of breast cancer returning to 2%. Unfortunately, I don’t think I realised that that was just it returning to the site of my breasts. It wouldn’t stop all the breast cancer associated secondary cancers – bone, liver etc. – cropping up unannounced. That has now happened.

Anyway, I’m going to fight this thing. I can’t hope for a cure, but I am hoping I can extend my life and make it as happy and meaningful as possible. I’m grabbing all the conventional therapies with both hands, and also piling on anything else that looks helpful (bring on the new age whale music).

Of course, there will be many recipes! In my attempt to increase my ‘5 a day’ towards ’10 a day’, I’ve already developed the 3 fruit breakfast fit for a vegan king! I’ll put it up soon.


5 responses to “Meet my new friend…

  1. I think your mate will spoil C’s rave… and give you some fabulous days out. Strong positive vibes to you and I look forward to the recipes which I will join you in enjoying.

  2. Received on 15th August!. bloody hell! Vick we were planning to visit next month can we come and get pissed with you? helen and Nickxxxx

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