Hair today, gone tomorrow

I just hate the hair loss aspect of chemo. Not that I’m bothered about my appearance – since teenage years I’ve considered myself more ‘useful’ than ‘ornamental’. It’s just how to deal with the stuff falling out all over everything. Trickling and tickling down my face in an ever-increasing avalanche.

I’ve had my hair cut short and started experimenting with crazy earrings. I’ve had pierced ears for 40+ years, but nothing ever showed under my bob, so had lost interest. The short hair was a really good move, as it was a kind of halfway house and got me reacquainted with my neck and ears for the first time in decades. It’s also not so bulky when falling out.

I’ve bought some really great turbans and bandeaux from a company called ‘Bohemia’. I’ve started wearing the bandeaux on their own, to hold all the cascading hair in, and to take me gently further towards the hairless look I will have for the next year.

Today I’ve experimented with a headscarf for the first time. I’m absolutely useless at all the feminine arts, and can barely get an Alice band on without losing my temper, but I’ve got to persevere with this headgear stuff. I like the way African ladies can get a lot of height into their head wraps, and found some cracking videos on YouTube, like Woman in The Jungle (Wunmi)

First attempt at tying a head wrap

I thought it looked quite good in the mirror! Takes a photo to show how crap it really is!

I’ll publish it anyway, just to give you all a good laugh!


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