Second chemo today

Back home after second chemo. Apart from difficulty getting the line in (as ever!) it went very well.

I’m feeling good. Went to the pub (only sparkly water for me) and cooked dinner when I got back home – lamb meatballs, cabbage and guacamole in soft wheaten wraps – my take on a doner kebab! Tasted good.

I’m drinking loads of water, as per instructions, and hope it’s better this time. After my first chemo I was funneling fluid down the top end, and nothing was coming out. I put on 11lbs overnight! My eyes watered a bit, but they weren’t up to the task of shifting 3 litres of water, so I had to wait a few days for it to settle down.

I hardly dare say that I do feel well. I feel like I’m tempting fate, and will wake up the morning with a nausea and sickness to end all puking bouts. So, I’ll just whisper it, I feel OK.


5 responses to “Second chemo today

  1. I also had my 2nd treatment yesterday. only difference I notice is a change in taste. I either taste nothing or metal. am continuing to send good thoughts your way.

      • not sure if they have this where you are, but Colgate makes a great mouth rinse – Peroxyl, it’s helped me greatly.

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