My goodness!

The medics have definitely got the recipe right for my chemo. I’m full of beans! 48 hours later, I feel better than I have done for ages, and am up at crazy-o’clock this morning doing chores, ordering little treats off the internet (oh, hang on – perhaps the drugs have given me bipolar disorder!)
Along with the 3 chemo drugs they give me an anti sickness infusion and a steroid, then I have two powerful anti sickness pill regimes to take for the next couple of days. Again, one of them is a steroid, I think.
Hubby shaved off the last of my hair last night. I was glad to see it gone, and also to have physical proof that they have given me some kind of chemo and not a placebo, as I feel so well.
If you’re having really bad symptoms with chemo, I think it’s worth asking the medics, because I believe it doesn’t have to be that bad – there should be a pretty good antidote to most symptoms?


7 responses to “My goodness!

  1. I so agree with you- there are great meds now to ease the chemo symptoms. I think it’s the steroids that are making us ‘full of beans’….I will happily take the water weight (or maybe bean weight;) ” to have some energy, and my dogs are liking it too!

  2. Your experience gives me hope that prostate cancer chemo may not be as bad as I fear. I had horrible nausea when I went through radiation and don’t want repeat anything even close to that. We tried two anti-nausea meds, zofran and phenergan. Neither one did much for me.

    • I had nausea after my first radiotherapy too. It was on a lower vertebra and came through and touched my stomach. They gave me Metoclopramide to take and I was fine for the rest of the treatment.
      I hope I can put your mind at rest about the chemo. In my experience it’s not been worth a moment’s worry. I know we all have different drugs and effects, but my brother in law has been through it with prostate cancer, and he didn’t have any trouble either. It’s a whole different ball game now to the terror it was just 20 years ago. Don’t even give it a second thought.

  3. I love reading your blogs. It’s fun to hear your lovely expresssions – so different than here in USA. When I first read you were full of beans, I thought for a few seconds you were actually eating them; then I suddenly realized what you meant and had to laugh. I would love to learn to put up food. Something I’ve been thinking about. I know it’s not rocket science but it kind of seems like it to me. Regarding the cancer, I beat it…lots of people do. Keep a great attitude as it will take you far. Regarding sickness, when I had chemo, I took a drug called Emend (day of treatment and two pills the next two days). I never had a moment of nausea and could eat anything. You can google it. Also, thanks for following my blog.

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