A reasonable theory

I’m still feeling good with chemotherapy. There’s a vague worry in the back of my mind – an old wives’ tale – that if I have no side effects, it’s not doing its job. I’ve checked, and that isn’t supposed to be the case. I’ve also got visible proof that they gave me SOMETHING, and not a placebo, because I haven’t got any hair!

I’m really loving the baldness. It’s so easy in the bath. I also think it makes me look mysterious and futuristic. It reminded hubby and I of ‘Alien’. I was thinking Sigourney Weaver, but he burst my bubble by postulating Brain Glover. Damn.

Anyway, back to the theory. I am impressed by Dr William Li’s ‘Eating to starve cancer’ theory, from a brilliant lecture on Ted. He maintains that diet can starve cancer of its blood supply, and backs his ideas with real examples and evidence of proper research. (There is so much guff on the internet about wonder cures for cancer). I’m pleased to see that I’m mainly following his recommendations anyway, but I am going to increase my red berry intake by getting more red grapes and cranberry juice in my new marvellous machine, the Vitamix.


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