Fruity knickerbocker glory

Not so much a recipe as a serving suggestion, using the fabulous sorbets and ice creams you can make instantly in a Vitamix liquidiser.

You can pack at least 5 of your 10-a-day in here, plus use soya milk for the lactose intolerant.

Fruity, good for you, kickerbocker glories

These are composed of

  • apricot and peach ice cream
  • banana and apple ice cream
  • fresh cherries, pitted
  • blackberry coolie (we have a glut of blackberries at the moment! I heat them minimally in a saucepan until they have broken down, then rub them through a sieve and add the smallest amount of sugar possible to make them palatable. I can’t be doing with this ‘no sugar’ thing.)

I’ve scaled down the ice cream proportion from the original Vitamix recipe. It was too frightening trying to stuff those amounts of fruit onto the flashing blades!

I use:

  • 300g frozen fruit
  • 160mls water or fruit juice for sorbets, soya milk for ice creams.

This is a wonderful way to use up surplus fresh fruit. You know when you get those 2-for-1 offers in the supermarket you can’t resist, then a few days later having to throw away the bit you never got round to eating? Cut it into chunks and freeze it. It doesn’t matter if it goes floppy or discolours a bit – you’re only going to smash it to smithereens.

Using water in the sorbets can make them a bit, well, watery. I’m starting to use juice, like red grape juice or cranberry. That also ups my intakes of the red berries that are supposed to starve cancer, and add natural sweetness, so it’s all good.

Using soya milk makes an extraordinarily creamy ice cream! Wonderful stuff, especially when you realise it’s mainly composed of two thirds liquidised fruit. It honestly tastes like it’s got cream in it.



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