My brows and lashes are getting ready to jump ship…

…the bastards. I was really hoping to hang on to those.

They’re not going quietly, either. They are mutinously rearing up and sticking out all over the place.

Eyebrows and lashes affected by chemo

I noticed it a couple of days ago when I was out for a walk. I had a bizarre vertical line in the vision in my left eye. The world for me was as if viewed from the window of a VW split screen campervan. It was still there the next day. First thoughts, was it a scratch on my contact lens? Naaah! Wouldn’t be in the same place both days. Worse still, had my age-related eye floaters finally got so bad that they were all holding hands in a stalactite/stalagmite arrangement? Grim thought. But not as grim as thought number three. Perhaps I had now got a brain tumour as well as all my other problems, and my sight was going to geometrically fragment so I ended up with the vision of a housefly.

Woman, get a grip! Eyelashes were the likely answer, and on close inspection there was the offending lash, breaking ranks with its colleagues and sticking down like a pig’s bristle. No matter how much I wet it, warmed it and bent it, it would not get back into line, so eventually I tugged it out.

This morning I noticed that my eyebrows had started to behave in the same way. I’d brushed aside a couple of ‘Dennis Healey’* comments without much thought, but, indeed, they have become as irrepressible as my lashes.

I don’t mind the bald head, but I’m really going to miss my lashes. So much, in fact, that I may have to try false ones. This is going to be one big learning curve for me, useless as I am at all feminine arts. They’ll be all over the place, especially now with my old people’s eyesight.

I’ll keep you posted.

*for non UK readers, Dennis Healey was a British politician with notoriously bushy eyebrows


8 responses to “My brows and lashes are getting ready to jump ship…

  1. my sons girlfriend has false lashes. its an accessorie darling. they last 3 months. god knows how but they are false and last like the nail business…worth a try?

  2. You can get individual eyelashes I think but you have to go to a salon. They’re all the rage don’t you know. Hope cycle 3 going ok. It was lovely to see you. Hope to be down again shortly. Sxx

  3. Thank you for commenting on my blog the other day – I was happy to loop back to yours. I hope I can stay as resilliant as you in my upcoming rounds.

    • I’m sure they grow back. I may have panicked too soon, because they seem to be hanging on! That’s good news, because apart from the appearance thing, I realise I actually need my eyelashes structurally. How am I going to hoist my top lids up to get my contact lenses in if I haven’t got my lashes to use as a handle!

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