Modest cheesy success

After a week of wild culinary experimentation here at Laboratoire Squires, involving soaking, sprouting, fermenting, whizzing and drying, I’m pleased to announce a moderate success – Cashew cheese with Sesame Flax Crackers.

Nut cheese and crackers

The amount of work involved does make you wonder if it wouldn’t just be easier to go and buy some peanut butter and a pack of crispbreads, but it IS tasty.

There have been some disasters though. Real smelly ones. My dehydrator broke down and I had to get a replacement sent to me, so a batch of ‘Onion Flax crackers’ went horribly wrong. When I got my new dehydrator I carried on trying to dry the damn things out, but by then they had become a rancid mix of oxidised onion and window putty. They smelled so bad I not only had to get them in the bin, but right out of the house.

Why am I bothering? Just trying to add a bit of interest to the anti-cancer ‘Bristol Diet’, and increase my intake of plant-based foods. Flax is supposed to stop estrogen binding in estrogen sensitive cancers – like mine – so I’m trying to get more of that in my diet. Not easy, it being a rascally, putty-smelly seed. Still, when I pop my clogs you’ll be able to put in a house full of windows with me.


4 responses to “Modest cheesy success

  1. Wow! That looks good! I made some sesame seed crackers once and was pleasantly surprised. I ilke flax seed I must admit, especially that one where they have ground nuts mixed in with it. mmmmmm. I need to get cooking again, now my legs can stand me up for more than a few minutes.

  2. Thanks! I’m finding the standing thing a problem, too. My back aches after half an hour. I used to love standing in the kitchen, messing about for hours. Now I have to cook in frenzied, 20 minute bursts. I wonder if there’s scope for a ‘half hour back pain cookbook’ where I can think up lots of dishes that only involve standing for 30 minutes?!
    PS. The ‘Rawmazing’ website, where I got the recipes, has some really inspirational dishes, beautifully presented. I’m not really into the whole ‘raw’ ethos, but just pleased to try out some new things.

  3. When you dehydrate, it is a good idea to start your dehydration at 145 for the first hour. It wicks away a ton of moisture and the food temp never gets above 115 so it stays completely raw. When you do it this way, you wont have the fermentation that you are experiencing with too long of dehydration times and too low temp.

    • Thanks for the advice. I know I fermented my first batch by leaving them around too long (dehydrator broke down).
      I’m really enjoying the nut cheeses, and many of the sweeter breads and crackers. The cinnamon raisin toast is great.
      A batch of cashew coated kale crisps were devoured with gusto at my art group, and they all asked for the Rawmazing address, so I hope I’m pushing traffic to your excellent site.

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