I’m normal. You’re too furry.

I’m constantly amazed at the ability of the brain to normalise situations.

Whatever you are at any given moment is what your brain considers the norm. It’s from this ‘norm’ that the mind plots everything around it. For example, when I’ve been slimmer, I feel the same; it’s just that everyone else looks fatter by comparison. Vice versa, when I’m overweight I still feel the same – there simply seems to be a lot of slimmer people about.

When I was in the maternity ward, having given birth to my, very neat and pretty, six-and-a-half pound baby girl, I remember comparing our babies. ‘Oh, isn’t he lovely!’ I would gush, looking at a ten pound boy, hoping my face wouldn’t show my real thoughts of ‘hell! He’s HUGE! What an ugly lump!’ Likewise, the other mother would compliment my daughter, a little stiffness around her facial features giving away the her real thoughts of ‘my God, what a scrawny baby!’ Looking back, all week long the ward was filled with women, cooing very insincerely over each others’ babies, each mother complete with rictus grin.

Why didn’t we ‘fess up that each of us thought our own baby was the only normal one there in a ward full of freaks?

Well, the same thing has happened again with losing my hair. I feel normal. The new look seems neat and precise in a way I find quite cool.

Me, bald

Unfortunately, what’s happened to the rest of you? My goodness, you’re looking a mess! What is all that furry stuff around your heads? It’s so unnecessary and untidy, so 70’s. You look like the Electric Light Orchestra. No, perhaps further back, cavemen…


Or even…

Cress head

For goodness sake cress-heads, get a grip and tidy yourselves up.

10 responses to “I’m normal. You’re too furry.

  1. I wish I could embrace my hair loss…I am not so vain that the look bothers me, but I just can not get used to how it feels. I love the post though…I secretly fear looking like a chia pet when it starts coming back in. 😉

  2. Brilliant! Excellent HA! – oh and I had that exact experience in hospital when my daughter was born, there was a giant baby in the ward, it was GIANT! It’s mother even had to have a caesarian.

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  4. Good afternoon Vicky, hope you’re high and tight and getting closer to that quest for a millionnaires lifestyle on the cheap 🙂 I’ve nominated you for an award here http://wp.me/p2MIsj-hI because this post is one of the first I came to when I started blogging. It really inspired me as well as giving me a good laugh at a time when I felt pretty low.

  5. You are making me laugh here, especially because I was just bragging about my big baby, the biggest, fattest one in the nursery (and thinking about all those other pathetic, scrawny ones). There really is too much hair going around these days, isn’t there? Much too paleolithic. You’re right — so untidy, so 70’s!

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