Can I keep this up?

When I took on board my cancer diagnosis, I decided to work hard at shocking my body back into good behaviour. I wanted to completely change my chemical composition, as the old one was evidently not working.
We’ve always eaten well, with many veggies from the allotment, but it was all washed down with rather a lot of cider. The pattern of my day would be starting with several cups of coffee, then an ill-considered ‘elevenses’ of something bready, followed by a trip to the pub. The rest of the day would be snoring in the chair in the afternoon, then preparing a good evening meal, accompanied by a few glasses of cider. There would perhaps be some naughty cakey snack in the evening, then a rubbish night’s sleep where I would go out like a light into a cider-induced coma, then awake, full of angst, for an early hours wakeful worry session.
Too many calories (and too many derived from alcohol), not enough exercise, and little good quality sleep.
Not Good.
Now my regime is ONE cup of coffee early in the morning (gets that old digestive track moving!). I have a breakfast of fruit, nuts and seeds. I have several cups of green tea, then a lunch of a huge salad incorporating 5 or 6 fruit and veg. I will walk and/or swim every day. The evening meal is pretty much the same as before, because it was always good quality – a small portion of protein with lots of veg. Then I follow it with more green tea, lots of water etc. I finish with a bath to which I’ve added a few caps of ‘Dettol’, then – because I’ve spent most of the day bathing in one form or another! – I have to apply a body lotion. The bathing ritual takes AGES and some nights I would love to just slip to bed without it, but it has kept me completely free of infections of any sort these last six months. I’ve not had a hint of a cold, and I’m especially keen to avoid the horrendous chest infections I’ve had since I moved to ‘sunny Devon’ (where it ‘rains five days in seven’). After that, I have a great night’s sleep.
It’s all good, and I seem to be getting stronger every day. Something’s working, but which bit is it? Looks like I’m going to have to carry on doing ALL of it for the rest of my life, because I don’t know which is the effective component.
That’s not a problem, because it’s actually all quite enjoyable.
I’m also committed every day to FORCE my body to health. I want every single cell in my body to be perfectly nourished and ready for action, to bop those cancer cells as they rear their ugly heads. Right now, it seems to be working.


10 responses to “Can I keep this up?

  1. What a great positive start to your New Year Vicki – you WILL be able to keep it up and you have inspired me to check out my own sorry lack of regular execise. Well done.

  2. How inspiring – good for you – I’d love to learn more or talk more about this as I’m completely hopeless and completely lost. I’m close to 10 weeks post-chemo and had sworn to myself that I’d change my ways which, other than elevenses, seem to be pretty much like your old ways – I like my beer. But as I say, I don’t know where to start. I’m also in the midst of quite the depression and am feeling lost, that way, too. So, bravo and thank you for writing this !

    • My heart went out to you when I read you were lost and depressed. It’s a very traumatic experience we’ve been through – the worst, facing our own mortality – so I’m sure we’ll suffer a kind of ‘post traumatic stress disorder’ for the rest of our lives. I remember, early on, being able to find no comfort anywhere, and trying to go different places, trying to find a place where that bad news didn’t exist. Unfortunately that bad news came with me, of course. Now I combat it by thinking that there are two scenarios:
      1. my life will be short, so am I really going to waste it being miserable?
      2. my life will be reasonably long, so what am I worried about?

      • On the lifestyle changes – I think I’m being successful THIS time (I’ve spent a lifetime being unsuccessful!) is that I’m TREATING myself. In both senses of the word. I’m giving myself constant TREATS, pushing out the bad behaviour with lots of self-loving delights. For example, my swimming could take place at the local, rather boring, pool, but, instead, I’ve joined the spa up the road where I can have a sauna and steam room, too. I order exotic green teas off the internet; watching a ‘hand-tied’ tea flower bloom in your glass almost rivals a pint of cider!
        I’m loving myself, for once!

  3. I love your attitude towards forcing your body into better health. I too drink too much coffee, eat badly and don’t get enough sleep. Fortunately, I have ‘got away with it’ thus far, but many of my friends and family have succomed to ‘overwork, lack of sleep and bad diet.’ I wish you well in every sense for 2013 and beyond. Keep up the good work and keep us informed.

    Chris (Tracy’s Dad at FEC-THis)

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