Asparagus tartlets

6oz flour
1.5 oz margarine
1.5 oz lard

bunch of asparagus

2 large eggs
splash of milk
salt and pepper

  1. Make pastry.
  2. Trim and lightly steam asparagus.
  3. Line 4 tartlet tins with pastry. [TIP: remove surplus pastry by rolling a rolling pin across the top of tins. This technique seems to push some extra pastry into the walls, and stops shrinkage. If you trim with a knife the pastry shrinks and you are left with no void in the centre to fill with asparagussy goodness.]
  4. Bake blind for 10 mins, 180 C.
  5. Beat the eggs with a splash of milk, and season with salt and a good grind (that’s the sex bit) of black pepper. [QUESTION: are there any recommendations for asparagus-enhancing herbs or spices? It’s such a delicate and original flavour that salt and pepper seem to be all that’s needed, but any suggestions gratefully received.]
  6. Fill the tarts with as much asparagus as you have/can fit in. Carefully top up with the egg mixture and bake for a further 15-20 minutes.

5 responses to “Asparagus tartlets

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