Spring rolls/samosas/etc with a dip!

Came up with something simple and fantastic last night. I had some spring roll pastry left over (My spring roll pastry: 200 g strong flour, BIG splash oil, made to a soft dough with boiling water, kneaded until workable and rested in cling film for half an hour). I had a thin sheet left with no filling; my eyes came to rest on a bowl of sweet, yellow cherry tomatoes and garlic. So I assembled thin slices of garlic and whole cherry tomatoes, each one on a 6cm square of pastry, pulled the dough up round to make a swirly-topped dumpling, painted them with oil and cooked them in a hot oven for 10 minutes.
Couldn’t believe it worked! The tomato should have exploded into hot liquid and made the dough into gunge, but it was great! I served it with my ‘Vic Sin Sauce’, but any dipping sauce would do!

Tomato bites

Little yellow tomatoes in thin pastry, brushed with oil, baked.